Building the next unfair advantage for defence

AI-powered command for defence & security operations.
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Our countries need a new strategic offset

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It happens every 40 years. The dawn of the next strategic offset. Driven by the convergence of technological breakthroughs and new categories of threats. This time is now. And AI is at its core.

Embedded AI and their robots. AI for large scale perception. AI acting in the information domain. AI for command of defence operations. These are the key building blocks of the next offset.

Our mission is to build this strategic advantage. At Comand AI, we believe it is the most impactful investment we can do.


Create and overcome tactical surprises.

Threats to democracy are more diversified and unpredictable than ever. Our forces evolve in an ever-quickening and complexifying theatre of operations that becomes impossible to navigate for unassisted humans.

We are bringing them state-of-the-art defence solutions, with unprecedented intuitiveness, accuracy and modelling capacities to support their will in a way that has never been seen before.

A world class team for defence

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We are passionately committed to delivering the best products, serving the armed forces with the utmost dedication, and achieving outsized impact.

Together, we are shaping the future that the world needs now, a future where advanced defence solutions are not just envisioned, but delivered.

Chief executive officer

Loïc Mougeolle

Grew up with the thrilling view of a ballistic missile emerging from the ocean onto his parent's library. Has fervently contributed to reshape the defense industry for the past decade.

Chief technology officer

Pierre Courtiol

From first employee to Head of Data Science at AI unicorn Owkin, Pierre has also published numerous scientific articles in high-impact journals (Nature Medicine, Hepathology, Nature Communications, ...).

Head of Public Affairs

Arnaud Valli

Previously Political Advisor at NATO Maritime Command. He has been a reserve officer in the French Navy since 2014 and a political advisor for the Ministry of Armed Forces since 2016.

Product management

Florian Maillarbaux

Seasoned battlefield commander. Ten years of hands-on strategy experience for the defence sector. Father x4.

Product design

Quentin Le Pape

Previously at Palantir Technologies as a Product Design Lead, where he’s participated in laying down the foundations of some of the company’s flagship products, including the Foundry Ontology & Decisions suites, and Foundry Operational AI.


Gontran Baerts

Seasoned Front-End Software Engineer with 20+ years of experience. Contributed to the AI-driven Keen Eye medical platform, and delivered innovative projects for industry leaders such as MolotovTV and Nintendo.


Hugo Dobbelaere

Previously at Palantir Technologies as a Tech Lead, he created Palantir’s cryptographic tool Cipher, and developed new services improving Data Protection & Governance on Palantir Platforms. As part of the French infrantry, he was deployed for 6 months in Libreville, Gabon.

AI engineering

Armand Boschin

Holds a PhD in machine learning with a focus on data structuring and knowledge base construction. Previously a lead scientist at the French Ministry of Defense, he led groundbreaking initiatives to leverage AI and heterogeneous mass data for national security.